Phoenix Percussion and Winds Regional
March 2, 2024



Prelims - $18.00
Finals - $22.00
Combo (Prelims & Finals) - $31.00

Tickets will be sold at the door and online by the Event Partner - see link below to purchase tickets. Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) and checks (personal and booster) are accepted. Checks should be made out to: WGAZ.

Additional Information


Contest Info Packets are now located on the Director's Dashboard.

To Access the Group Contest Information Packets:

  1. Log in to your Director's Dashboard
  2. Select "Resources" from the top menu
  3. Select "Percussion Directors" or "Winds Directors" library
  4. Select "WGI Regional Events - Contest Information"
  5. Select the folder that corresponds to the date of your event
Practice Information

Show Personnel​

Caleb Rothe: Administrator
Bryan Scheidecker: Contest Administrator
Jay McArthur: Judge Personnel
Lauren Teel: Judge Personnel
Matthew Stevens: Judge Personnel
Teddy Mascari: Judge Personnel
Todd Fox: Judge Personnel
Russ Courtney: Tabulator
Thien Pham: TP Judge