WGI Video Testimonial Call Out

WGI Video Testimonial Call Out

We want YOU to record a testimonial for WGI’s 45th anniversary!

Share some information about yourself and tell us a story for a chance to be featured on WGI’s social media!

Record a video of yourself (Phone is acceptable) discussing the topics below and upload it HERE.  *There is no maximum file size*

Speak clearly and confidently when answering; you could be a voice for WGI!

  • Please state your name, where you’re from, and what group you participate(d) with in WGI.
  • How has the activity effected you either personally or professionally?
  • What is your favorite WGI memory/experience? Either as a performer or an audience member.
  • Where do you see WGI in 10 years?
  • Lastly, say “I am WGI” to the camera.


Thank you so much for participating in this year’s testimonial opportunity, and we hope you enjoy the MAGIC of WGI’s 45th anniversary season!