WGI Certify Launches

WGI Sport of the Arts, the world’s leader in producing indoor marching arts events, today announced the launch of wgiCertify, a totally reimagined way of training judges for the indoor marching arts.  Powered by E-Adjudicate, this exciting new service uses a combination of online tutorials combined with levels of personalized local mentoring.  Candidates will navigate this comprehensive training series covering their particular caption philosophy, numbers management, and tips for recording performance commentary.

Recently WGI entered into a multi-phase partnership with E-Adjudicate that will deliver significant benefits to instructors and judges on a local, national, and international level.  This partnership will allow WGI to launch various online solutions in design consultation and judge commentary as well as make wgiCertify a cornerstone of future WGI judge training.  Another benefit will be to offer a program to Circuit Partners to certify judges on a local level.

Training Level One will offer an introduction to judging at the most basic level whether it be color guard, percussion ensembles or winds.  Level Two introduces an overview of the WGI judging system and the different captions such as General Effect, Design Analysis and Individual Analysis.  When a candidate reaches Level Three, a specific caption is chosen and the philosophy of that caption is partnered with personalized local mentoring with their Circuit Partner.  If a candidate wishes to pursue becoming a “WGI Certified Judge”, they proceed on to Level Four to achieve that designation.  Level Five is for actual working WGI judges used at all WGI events and are working on a national scale to prepare groups for the WGI World Championships held each April.  Current WGI judges will be grandfathered into the program.

Level One class is ready today and plans are for Level Two to be completed before January.  Level Three captions will then be rolled individually with General Effect expected to debut in early next year with other captions offered as completed.

“Certifying our judges has been discussed for years in WGI and we are extremely pleased that our partnership with E-Adjudicate gives us the platform to deliver this training universally in our activity,” said Ron Nankervis, Executive Director.  “This is just the start of making standardized judge training a cornerstone of the services we provide to our participating groups.”

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