WGI Board of Directors Announces Advisory Board Travel Grant

WGI Board of Directors Announces Advisory Board Travel Grant

The WGI Board of Directors recently approved funds for an advisory board travel grant to foster growth and encourage new perspectives in the activity. This tuition will cover the expenses of up to three individuals who do not competitively qualify for the Advisory Board, allowing them to participate in the annual Advisory Board meeting this upcoming June.

Regardless of a group’s ability to qualify for the advisory board (done so by making World Class finals or being a top 5 Open/A class group at World Championships), the meetings have always been open to any interested parties. Historically, however, very few groups have had the financial resources to make the trip to Las Vegas. This grant will cover all airfare and hotel expenses for up to three selected group representatives.

“I believe there are many unique voices and perspectives in this activity that have yet to be heard,” said Vice President of Percussion Tim Fairbanks. “This grant can help bring fresh thoughts into the room and give different voices a seat at the table in addition to our more perennial members.”

Groups are eligible to apply for the grant if they participate in at least one WGI regional and/or World Championships in the 2022 season. All applicants must not have served on the advisory board within the past five (5) competitive seasons. (This currently means 2015, as the most recent Advisory Board meeting was in 2019 due to the COVID 19 pandemic).

WGI will announce the grant winners during the World Championships weekends in April. To apply for this grant, CLICK HERE for the application form. The application deadline is March 8.