WGI Solo & Ensemble powered by System Blue

Dayton, OH – Dallas, TX – Irvine, CA

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This summer, WGI is launching a new educational performance opportunity for marching arts performers of all agesWGI Solo & Ensemble powered by System Blue.

Positioned in WGI’s typical off-season—and before the start of summer band—WGI Solo & Ensemble offers a venue for performers of all ages to showcase their skills as an individual or small ensemble. Unique in its format, WGI Solo & Ensemble will welcome any and all performers, including those not currently or previously affiliated with a WGI-performing group.

Split between two age classifications and four performance categories, performers will present a short piece in front of a judge to receive personalized, recorded commentary and an overall rating. Although performers/ensembles will be split between two distinct age groups, there will be no age limit in any performance category. Performance categories include Color Guard, Percussion, Winds—Woodwind, and Winds—Brass.


June 1, 2019: Dayton Solo & Ensemble

  • Fairfield High School (Fairfield, OH)
  • Entry Deadline (EXTENDED): May 22, 2019


June 8, 2019: Dallas Solo & Ensemble

  • Lake Ridge High School (Mansfield, TX)
  • Entry Deadline (EXTENDED): May 29, 2019


July 13, 2019: Irvine Solo & Ensemble

  • Woodbridge High School (Irvine, CA)
  • Entry Deadline: June 24, 2019

age classifications
  • Junior Class: 17 years of age and under
  • Senior Class: 18 years of age and above*

*Senior Class participants are not bound by any age limit.

solo categories
  • Color Guard: Flag, Rifle, Sabre, and Movement
  • Percussion: Snare Drum, Multi-Tenor Drum, Keyboard, Timpani, and Multi-Percussion*
  • Winds – Woodwind: Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, and Saxophone
  • Winds – Brass: Trumpet, French Horn/Mellophone, Baritone/Euphonium, Trombone, and Tuba

*any number of percussion instruments played by a solo performer, including a drum set

color guard ensemble categories
  • Flag
  • Weapon
  • Movement
  • Mixed: any authorized equipment
instrumental ensemble categories
  • Percussion
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Mixed: any instrumentation

2019 solo & ensemble contest rules

Click here to download the 2019 WGI Solo & Ensemble Contest Rules.

Have more questions? Email solo@wgi.org.