Slippery Rock University Guard Presents “Snapshots of Seville”

Slippery Rock University Winter Guard presents its 2019 production, “Snapshots of Seville.” The performance depicts a day of travel through Seville, Spain, a city rich of flamenco, tapas and historic architecture. Throughout the production, snapshots serve as a representation of the travelers’ memories of this attractive city.

“Snapshots of Seville” primarily features the 19th century Barber of Seville by Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.

Slippery Rock University Winter Guard is made up of 21 performers. Staff include director Bruno Zuccala; designers Lennie Machado, Brady Sanders, Jim Schaefer and Angela Mayhew; technicians Samantha Passarello, Jack Ratica, Christine Andrews, Haley Ratica, Lauren Waddell, Renee Waddell, James Wentworth and Jim Berry.

You can catch Slippery Rock University Winter Guard at the WGI Philadelphia Regional, Indianapolis Regional and Pittsburgh Regional this #wgi2019 season!