SafeSport Training Instructions

1.  CONNECT TO YOUR ACCOUNT. You will connect either as a new or returning learner.


  1. Go to this link to begin.
  2. A “Sign Up” page will appear.  Add your *information and click Sign Up.

- Include your primary "Role" with WGI. If you are unsure of your role or need additional assistance, please contact your WGI admin.

Official + Judge | Athlete = Performer, Volunteer, Parent, Staff, Coach, Other, Admin, or Instructor.

*Returning Learners or users who have already created a profile, please scroll down.

***RETURNING LEARNERS: Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on connecting your account.***

2.  Identify your course.

From your home page, go to the Catalog and select the course title with Safesport Trained – Required Course – WGI Sport of the Arts. Select "Shopping Cart" at the bottom of the tile to add the course to your cart for purchasing. (Do not select any course that indicates Completed)

3.  Proceed to check out by selecting the Shopping Cart icon on the top right of your page. Select View Shopping Cart.

4.  A coupon code option will display. Enter the coupon code: FWGI17SST03221 |  Then select the Apply button to receive the training for $17.

5.  Select the Proceed to Checkout button at the right. Follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

6.  Begin your training.

From your homepage, go to My Courses and select your purchased course SafeSport Trained - WGI. Click "Start" to begin your training. (You can pause and resume the course as needed.)

7.  Complete your course.

Remember to save this certificate and send to your group administrator.

*Returning Learners.( users that have previously trained on or and are activating their profile for the first time on )

a.  Reset your password, click: Activate New Password

b.  From the home page, click the Enrollment Key button. 

Enter your Enrollment Key: FWGI-032221

c. Contact the Help Portal if you have already completed to course under a previous organization. You can request to have your completion associated to WGI.

Need technical assistance? You can contact our Help Desk by clicking here: Help Portal.

The Help Desk hours are: M - F: 8am - 9pm EST: Weekends: noon - 5pm EST.

Thank you for being part of the U.S Center for SafeSport training. Champion Respect. End Abuse.