Report from 2016 Advisory Board Meetings

WGI directors and instructors met this past weekend to consider numerous proposals submitted for consideration to the Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds Advisory Boards.  Each advisory board held separate meetings to discuss various topics such as contest policies and rules as well as have philosophical discussions how color guards, percussion ensembles, and winds groups are adjudicated.

One of the responsibilities of each advisory board is to elect representatives from each division to the WGI Board of Directors.  This body is comprised of 14 color guard and percussion representatives along with at-large directors and is responsible for the overall management and strategic direction of the organization. 

Color guard representatives elected to the board of directors for a two-year term are Michael Gaines (Aimachi), Shavon Garcia (Imbue), Rob Jett (Fenix Independent), Tim Mikan (Fantasia), and Rosie Queen (Carmel HS).  Percussion representatives elected were Tim Fairbanks (Rhythm X), and Tony Nunez (Arcadia HS).  The Winds division also elected Chris Wing (Greenfield Central HS) to represent WGI’s newest division on the board of directors.

Steering Committee representatives were also elected at the meeting for a two-year term.  Color Guard representatives chose Carol Abohatab (Santa Clara Vanguard) and Michael Shapiro (Tarpon Springs HS) and the Percussion Advisory Board has chosen John Mapes (Chino Hills HS) and Kevin Shah (Broken City) to serve on their committee.  Winds elected Steve Mason (Rhythm X Winds) and Chris Wing (Greenfield Central HS) to serve until the 2018 season.

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