Puerto Rico Royalty Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Puerto Rico Royalty Press Release

Puerto Rico Royalty Winterguard is proud to present, for the first time in Dayton, Ohio, their 2022 production “Flor de Maga”, featuring the music of Fernando Varela with “En mi Viejo San Juan”; Choco Orta and Chamir Bonano with “De Bandazo” and with the voice of Margie Gilormini with the narration.  The blooming of “la flor de maga” doesn’t just represent the beauty of our culture, but the strength of our people, the colors our dawns, the green of our land, and the gold in the hearts of Puerto Ricans.  With this production will be brought our beauty, our strength, our bravery, our people, our culture, our music; Puerto Rico will be brought.

The guard is directed by Carlos Manuel Alicea Quiñones; Assistant Design Team, Herman Rios; and instructional staff. Taylor Tucker, Justin Madrid. Liza Koontz. Carlos F, García Figueroa and Grecia C. Izquierdo Torres. Puerto Rico Royalty Winter Guard competes in the Independent A classification and we are going to attend to WGI Dayton, Ohio this season 2022.