Project Arts Presents 2017 Show

From a Project Arts Press Release

Project Arts is pleased to present our 2017 show HIDDEN. Using stealth as a major point of the production, we will explore the Asian culture of martial arts, textures, and environments all culminating to find a hidden beauty within oneself. 

Using original music by Frank Sullivan and music production by Peter Crawford, we are happy to bring an exciting book to the table. 

Project Arts is under the direction of Arjuna Myles. Staff include: Joshua Wendt – Show Coordinator, Kelsey Hampton – Color Guard Director, James DeRemer – Music, Ashton Mason – Percussion, and Logan Mason – Visual.

Our stunning new uniforms are provided by Jill Moser and Ellen Arias with Algy Costumes. 

As one of the few wind groups from the inaugural season in 2015, we are delighted to continue with our third year in existence. We will compete in our local circuit, FFCC (Florida Federation of Colorguards), as well as nationally in the WGI Tampa, FL Regional and WGI World Championships.

We hope you all will continue to support this wonderful new activity provided for wind players. For more information on Project Arts, please visit us at