Powhatan HS Presents 2017 Show

From a Powhatan High School Press Release

For many people, the greatest challenges posed to them during their lifetimes involve standing up for what’s right. Many of us never take full advantage of that ability to stand up for those who cannot do it for themselves. However, the 14 young ladies in the 2017 Powhatan High School Color Guard will push to move us to take that stand: to speak for those who are oppressed, to act for those who cannot, and to stand for all that is morally right in the face of a society that coerces you to do the opposite. 

With stunning uniforms from A Wish Come True, brilliant stage design by Lenny Westmoreland, as well as an intelligently designed soundtrack by Stephen Howard, we urge you to “Take a Stand” with these young ladies as they explore what it means to truly have the courage to do what is right, even when the world around us pushes us to take the easy way out. 

Powhatan’s staff includes Tykeem Rainey, Gabrielle Vita, Alexandro Delossantoscoy, Jessica Mishico, Kaysey Thompson, and Mark Istratie. Powhatan will inspire others to get on their feet, and take a stand at WGI Norfolk, WGI Charlotte, and WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.