Polish Your Skills this Summer with WGI Educational Downloads

Polish Your Skills this Summer with WGI Educational Downloads

WGI seeks to make every performer and director the best they can be. Check out all of the educational products WGI offers to help you reach your full potential!

WGI Color Guard Series: Technique Class

Technique Class: Flag
Develop your flag skills with Imbue Winterguard’s Shavon Garcia as she teaches you everything you need to know about flag basics, from weighting a flag, to tosses, and everything in-between.

Technique Class: Rifle
Learn the fundamentals of rifle technique with Robby Jacobson as he covers the most basic spins, flourishes, and toss exercises that build skill, strength, and confidence.

Technique Class: Sabre
Master the sabre with Rosie Queen as she covers the technique needed to spin and toss, as well as exercises designed to increase wrist flexibility and increase your sabre choreography options.


Join seven of the top equipment designers and technicians as they teach you everything you want to know about tosses! These experts will cover all 3 pieces of equipment from the basics of the beginning toss to more challenging tosses, tosses while moving, tosses layered on body, and tosses within longer phrases.

Indoor Percussion Top Secrets

Modules 1-3
Several of the top designers in the activity walk you through the process of developing a great program, all while keeping the skills and abilities of the ensemble in mind. In ‘Storyboarding a Show’, four of our activity’s top designers take you behind-the-scenes to show you their outlining, storyboarding, and development processes. In Module 3, top designers in our activity share their tips and strategies for selecting great music and expertly orchestrating it for our unique environment.

Modules 4-6
The activity’s top designers and evaluators share their key recommendations for taking your ensemble’s visual performance to the next level, focusing on individual and sectional troubleshooting. They will also show you how to leverage player development and teaching strategies to have your ensemble playing with the best of the best! Developing your ensemble’s signature sound with these proven secrets for balance, timing, editing, and logistics will have your group sounding better than ever!

Modules 7-9
WGI continues its’ quest to offer the most recent tips & tricks of the trade. In the newest Top Secrets educational modules, top designers discuss how to successfully incorporate electronics into your indoor show through Amplification, Sampling, and Synthesizers. These technological advances can help take your show to the next level!

Movement Series

Across the Floor
Join Carol Abohatab, choreographer for the Santa Clara Vanguard World Guard and a modern dance teacher for more than 20 years, as she teaches you everything you need to know about methods of travel, getting in and out of the ground, turns, leaps, and jumps!

Technique Class
Sit in on a standing center class with Carol Abohatab that includes technique for the spine, legs, and feet.

Warm Up
Join Carol Abohatab from the Santa Clara Vanguard as she teaches you everything you need to know about strengthening the core and stretching and lengthening of muscles with dynamic alignment.