Penn State Eclipse Announces 2017 Show

From a Penn State Eclipse Press Release

The universe was made just to be seen by our eyes. Life is more meaningful than it may appear, and sometimes, we need to be reminded of this. We continue to live our lives, despite the difficulty, while making meaningful connections with others along the way. We have touched lives, and alternatively, we have been touched by others. Each shared experience has shaped us in one way or the other and it may take a certain encounter for us to finally understand our place in this universe. Not every experience has been pleasant and sometimes those who have shown us the capacity to hold the stars in our hands, leave before we think we’re ready. We all have a purpose, and once we realize this, our Existence will live on, even after death. How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

Under the direction of Larry Johnston and Kevin Isenberg, the 19 members of Penn State Eclipse will take you on a journey through the galaxy with their rendition of Saturn by Sleeping At Last. Staff includes Michelle MacKinnon, Greg Hamilton, Sydney Eckert, Erin McIntosh, Elise McAneny, Katie Hering, Tima Pinto, and Laura Nestor. Flag design by Bobby Glass with Field and Floor FX. Costumes by Derby Skinz. Catch Penn State at local TIA shows, WGI Pittsburgh Regional, WGI Eastern Championships, WGI World Championships, and TIA Atlantic Coast Championships.