Participating Group Master Agreement (PGMA) FAQ

October 25, 2018


What is the Participating Group Master Agreement (PGMA)?

  • The Participating Group Master Agreement (PGMA) was developed in coordination with a strengthened Code of Conduct with a new Participant Reporting Policy for all entities involved in WGI
  • The new Master Agreement incorporates eligibility and insurance requirements, and copyright policies that were previously part of the event registration process into one comprehensive document


Who must submit a Participating Group Master Agreement?

  • Every group participating at a WGI event must have a signed agreement on file with the WGI office.


When is the Agreement due?

  • The agreement must be on file with the WGI office by the event entry deadline (five weeks prior to the event date)


Where did the “Scholastic Letter” go?

  • All the components for what was previously known as the “Scholastic Letter” is now contained within the new Master Agreement


What happens if my group fails to have the signed Master Agreement on file by the event entry deadline?

  • If the Master Agreement is not on file by this date, your group cannot be scheduled for that event
  • Groups not scheduled for an event due to not having a signed Master Agreement on file may forfeit any entry fee to that event


Who should sign the Master Agreement?

  • Single Scholastic School groups are to have the Master Agreement signed by the school principal
  • Combined Scholastic School groups are to have the Master Agreement signed by the Superintendent and each individual school letter signed by the respective principal
  • Independent groups are to have the agreement signed by an officer of the organization


How does a group access the Master Agreement?

  • Located on the Directors’ Only website
  • Select your group and click on the Master Agreement


How does a group submit the Master Agreement?

  • Print the Master Agreement PDF
  • Complete the Master Agreement listing Participant Group Name, Classification, and Address
  • Obtain the appropriate signature
  • Enter the current date
  • Upload all documents on the Directors’ Dashboard under the DOCUMENTS UPLOAD


What if my School District has questions about the Participating Group Master Agreement?

  • Please submit any questions via email to WGI at or call (937) 247-5919.