Paramount World Announces 2017 Program

From a Paramount World Press Release

Paramount World presents their 2017 program, “To Think Is Enough”.

The guard will be performing their program at the WGI Knoxville, WGI Atlanta, WGI Mid-Atlantic Power Regional (Charlotte), WGI Mid-South Power Regional (Bowling Green), and WGI World Championships (Dayton). In addition to WGI performances, Paramount will perform at Southern Association for Performance Arts (SAPA) contests on January 21, February 18 and 25, and April 2.

Paramount World is under the direction of Rick Subel and Andria Foerch, with creative and instructional assistance by Daniel Riley, Jeff Namian, Michael Rosales, Greg Lagola, Lisa Ha, Ian Lewis, Stephanie Boisjolie, Jeff Sacktig, Bekah Chadderdon, KC Perkins, Michael James, Michael Richman, Joe Tribble, Joey Powell, Erin England, Tyler Edrington, Rebecca Huls, Lindsay Kuzmierczak, KC Michel, John Escalante, Jon Vanderkolff, and Sara Solomonson.

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