Paradigm Presents 2017 Program

From a Paradigm Winterguard Press Release

“This is the story of how one species changed a planet…” And so begins the journey of Paradigm’s 2017 production, “Genesis.” 

Earth’s natural processes are evolving at an alarming rate, and humans are the cause. The world as we know it is in danger, unless we can save it from ourselves. On their journey, Paradigm portrays this delicate balance through an orb, which is protected by guardians of the light. At the beginning, there is a sense of uncertainty as to how the story will unfold. As the show progresses, a color story reflects the spiritual and industrial impacts on the orb and how the guardians must react to ensure the preservation of light. The anthropogenic effect on the light orb is unknown, but we must create a safe operating space for future generations. 

Join us as we explore the anthropocene, and question our role in this “New Genesis.” 

Musical selections include “The Shimmering Desert”, “Welcome to the Anthropocene”, and “Colossus” from the live documentary, “The Colorado”, performed by Roomful of Teeth. 

Paradigm’s 2017 design & instruction staff includes Ben Adams, Ricardo Alexander, Ron Comfort, Jessica Frometa, George Furlipa, Richard Horton, Alacia Jordan, Jessica Marino, Mike Palau, Jillian Poland, Heather Rothman, and Shelba Waldron. 

Costuming design is by Joe Heininger and produced by A Wish Come True with digital flags by Flash Media. The guard is under the direction of Chris Palau and Joe Flynn, assisted by Doris Brown.

Paradigm will perform within the Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit, at the WGI Atlanta and Southeast Power Regionals, as well as at World Championships.

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