Ninety Six HS Announces 2018 Program

From a Ninety Six High School Indoor Percussion Press Release

Ninety Six High School Indoor Percussion (PSA) presents their 2018 program “Welcome Home.”

Showcasing samples from They’re Coming To Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV, Help! by the Beatles, and You Don’t Own Me by Grace, Ninety Six HS takes us inside a cold, lonely prison for their 2018 show program, “Welcome Home.”

As our character is arrested and placed into a solitary confinement cell, the ensemble takes you through his first night in his new surroundings… a journey through his emotions of anger, desperation, loneliness, hope, and, finally, the acceptance of his new home.

With original costuming by Jason Kramer from Creative Costuming and Designs, the group is excited to attend WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH for the second year in a row!