Newtown HS Open Percussion Presents “bloom…”

From a Newtown HS Open Percussion Press Release.

Newtown High School Open Percussion – Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Show Description

This year, ‘bloom…’ will depict a journey of change, brought to life visually by the use of dandelions. As people, we may notice ourselves wanting something else, and find it difficult to express what we want. The show concept relates to change as good, bad or neutral–but ultimately, we are not ready for it–we may desire a new path, but it’s not always so easy, is it?

Musical selections

  • Bloom – Radiohead
  • Vick(i/y) – Andy Akiho
  • Passacaglia – Caroline Shaw



  • Director: Ricky Grasso
  • Sound Design: Bryson Teel
  • Battery/Front Ensemble Arranger: Kevin Thompson
  • Percussion Caption Head: Tyler Campbell
  • Educational Staff: Tayloranne Turechek, David Romano, Elisee Ngbo, Gabe Stewart, Sarah Smith and Anthony D’Andrea.


WGI Attendance

  • WGI Trumbull
  • WGI Eastern Power Regional
  • WGI World Championships