MT Bands Announces TrueBlue Winter Guard Debut

From an MT Bands Press Release

MT Bands is excited to announce the foundation of TrueBlue Winter Guard, MTSU’s premier winter color guard performing arts organization.

To be initially comprised of members of the MTSU Band of Blue Color Guard, this winter organization will continue the long tradition of excellence the Band of Blue Color Guard has held and embellish the art into the competitive arena.

The winter guard is under the direction of Randall B. Waters, the longtime visual coordinator of the MTSU Band of Blue and Director of the Band of Blue Color Guard. Additional staff include Associate Director Michael Turner, Leah Davis, Cameron Oldham, Emily Watkins, and several others to be announced.

MTSU TrueBlue Winter Guard will compete regionally in the Southeastern Color Guard Circuit, the East Tennessee Performing Arts Association, and the Southern Association for Performing Arts, as well as nationally in Winter Guard International competition in the Independent A classification.

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