MAPEX Releases Tenor Mounting System

From a Mapex Drums press release:

Mt. Juliet, TN – January, 2016 – Mapex marching percussion is proud to debut the patented Free Floating Lug Bridge™ (FFLB) multi-tenor mounting system from Randall May International on Quantum series marching drums.

The revolutionary FFLB™ utilizes the standard lug casing holes to ensure consistent, flat and stable positioning of the drums within a tenor array. No additional drilling for mounts or spacers is required and stress on shells is reduced, producing superior resonance and projection.

Through the employment of multi-functional performance polymer and advanced alloy parts, the overall carrying weight of the instrument is reduced. When combined with the improved balance of redefined drum positioning, this greatly enhances player comfort. The FFLB™ system further improves the performer experience through ergonomically optimized playing zones which allow for transference of muscle memory from small array to large array set-ups.

“We are excited to have partnered with Randall May on this project, and feel that his work represents a significant advancement in the approach of how multi- tenors are mounted” says Mapex/Majestic Percussion Product Manager, Jeff Mulvihill. “Our partner ensembles that have tested the FFLB™ over the last couple of seasons have been thrilled with the results, and we look forward to sharing that experience with the marching percussion community.”

Mapex Quantum series multi-tenors are expected to come standard with the Free Floating Lug Bridge™ in early 2016.

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