Malachi Independent Presents “Catastrophic Exaggeration”

Malachi Independent is proud to present its 2019 program “Catastrophic Exaggeration.”

Thought spiraling happens when our emotions have been manipulated beyond personal reason. Listening to our own negative thoughts taints our self image to the point that the only source of reassurance is the comfort we find in dehumanizing ourselves—each thought hitting harder than the one before as they replay over and over in our minds. The problem isn’t so much the catastrophic thoughts themselves, but the fact that we tend to buy into them. We believe our own stories, and we ruminate when there is no actual threat present. In other words, we create our own suffering.

The 2019 program is inspired by Imogen Heap’s “The Neglected Space” and includes music by Bjork and Aurora.

The team is under the direction of Jenn Wagner Carrasco, with assistance from Audrey Milton, Kree Crudup, DJ Wingeter, Mark Laydon, Jim Zimmerman, Jeff Hargis and Phaidra Reed; set/digital design is by Jim Zimmerman, Sara Solomonson and Liz Haan; costuming is by Visual Impact by Design and Lisa Reed Cowden.

Malachi IW will compete locally within the Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association circuit, as well as WGI events in Riverside (CA), Denver (CO), and Las Vegas (NV); and WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

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