Malachi Independent Presents 2017 Show

From a Malachi Independent Press Release

Malachi Independent presents its 2017 production, Deconstructing Time. Time is a fact of life. Everyone and everything is immersed in time. All of us are at time’s mercy. Time defines us. Our gravestones are deeply etched with our date of birth and date of death. We have to wonder, is there something to be gained by standing outside of time? Clocks tick on, unchanging, however, our relation to time changes.Malachi Independent is under the direction of Jennifer Wagner Carrasco. Artistic design and staging team consists of Jennifer Wagner Carrasco, Jeff Hargis and Jim Zimmerman. Choreographers, technicians, and additional support staff include Lynn Graham, Phaidra Reed, Krissy Gregory, Corinne Greenrod, and Lisa Cowden.Soundtrack engineering by Todd Carrasco. Uniform design by Lisa Cowden and Visual Impact By Design.The 18 members of Malachi Independent will be performing locally in the Rocky Mountain Color Guard Association, as well as nationally at WGI Regional events in St. Louis, MO, Riverside, CA, Denver, CO, and Las Vegas, NV. Malachi Independent will conclude their 2017 season at WGI Championships in Dayton, OH.2017 marks our tenth year in existence. For more information about our organization, please see our website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat!