Main Line Independent presents, Strong Enough

From a Main Line Independent press release:

Main Line Independent is proud to present “Strong Enough” featuring a haunting rendition of Believe by Cher. Our 2016 production represents the moment in your life when you eliminate the thought, person, or behavior that is holding you back.
Directors and designers are Maria Drew, Stacy Andrews, Eliza Herron and Shannon Merrill. Staff includes Monica Glisson, Nick Vidoni, and Julie Colasanti
Main Line Independent will compete locally in the Tournament Indoor Association (TIA) and nationally at the South Brunswick Regional, Eastern Championships at Monmouth Univeristy and World Championship in Dayton, Ohio. 
Our cast of 25 seasoned performers is thrilled to be a part of Main Line Independent’s inaugural season.
Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to break free from our inner demons only to be pulled back in by the negative forces that hold us hostage.  We may become weak, making it difficult to fight back, but end up finding the strength to push through. Are you strong enough?