Lovejoy High School Varsity Presents “Pass the Darkness”

Lovejoy High School Varsity Presents “Pass the Darkness”

From a Lovejoy High School Varsity Press Release.

Lovejoy High School Varsity from Lucas, Texas, is proud to present their 2021 Indoor production “Pass the Darkness”.

Lovejoy Varsity tells the dark story of one of the most famous mythological creatures of all time. The Siren’s song has crossed the world, and made its mark in almost all civilizations. The Siren sings to pull you into the depths of the water. As you’re falling through the darkness of the ocean, you realize you can’t hear the Siren’s song any longer. Your Siren lets you pass through the darkness, as they move on to find their next audience!

Director: David Sadler

Staff/Choreographers: Joseph Heininger, Michael Cabrera, Jorge Morales, Marina Gonzalez and Esteban Pina
Lovejoy Varsity will be competing in 2021 WGI Virtual Season events in Scholastic Open Class, as well as in the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA).