Lake Area Independent Presents “Rebirth of Danu”

The Board of Directors and Staff of Lake Area Independent Winterguard are proud to announce the organization’s 2019 program: “Rebirth of Danu.” Danu is an ancient Celtic mother goddess portrayed as a beautiful and mature woman. She represents nature and the natural cycles of life, death and regeneration. In the literal sense, she brings the rain and primordial waters to provide life and bring a new beginning. The show is designed by Keith “Ping” Dawson and is set to the music of “Love After Love” by Jóhann Jóhannsson.

Danu is represented in the show by feature dancer and co-director of Lake Area Independent, Angie Kenney. Kenney has a dance performance and instructional career that spans over 20 years and we are excited to showcase her talent on a world-class stage. Her work in this production is written and enhanced by renowned choreographer Michael Rosales. As the mother goddess and goddess of rain, the cast is initiating her rebirth and worshiping her as she brings new life into the world and washing the world anew.

Lake Area Independent’s primary program goal has been to introduce quality instruction from a variety of backgrounds. Choreographers include Michael Rosales, Copper Atwood, Geddy Pontiff and Scott Toosley. Instructional staff include Patrice Turner, Angie Kenney, Deon Williams, Evan Williams, Martell Pearson, Michael Moore, Kayde Broussard and Victoria Parker. Additional support staff includes Taylor Dizor.

Lake Area Independent will compete in Independent World Class this season. Spectators will be able to see Lake Area Independent at the WGI Pensacola Regional, the WGI Southwest Power Regional in Denton, Texas, and WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

About Lake Area Independent
Lake Area Independent Winterguard exists to foster positive experiences for all participating members by promoting educational clinics, creativity, and freedom of expression through unification of pageantry and performing arts. The non-profit, performing arts organization is based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and competes in the Louisiana-Mississippi Color Guard and Percussion Circuit. To keep up with Lake Area Independent and their upcoming season, visit their website at and follow them on social media @lakeareaindependent.