Lake Area Independent Presents “Circularis”

From a Lake Area Independent Press Release.

Lake Area Independent Winter Guard is proud to announce its 2020 production, Circularis. Set to an intriguing soundtrack by Mendi and Keith Obadike and Paul Lansky called Chatter of Pins, Circularis is the creation of Lead Designer Joe Cretaneo and Program Coordinator Copper Atwood.

Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols. Many see them as representative of unity, wholeness, and the infinite. Pythagoras viewed circles as the most perfect of creative forms, without beginning or end, without sides or corners. This show is a modern and artistic challenge to bring the circular – or Circularis – to life.

The audience will experience Lake Area Independent in a style that is different from anything the organization has performed before. Influenced by contemporary movement and artwork, even the floor will provide a performance environment meant to inspire intrigue and awe.

This season, Lake Area Independent will be competing in the Louisiana Mississippi Colorguard and Percussion Circuit as well as make appearances at WGI Houston, WGI Gulfport, WGI Southwest Power Regional, and WGI Color Guard Championships in Independent World Class. This will be the organization’s fourth appearance at World Championships and sixth competitive season.

Lake Area Independent is under the direction of Patrice Turner. Staff members and choreographers include Deon Williams, Angie Kenney, Kayde Broussard, Geddy Pontiff, Eddie Jimenez, Andrew Kier, Sharon Ryles, Michael Floyd, Wesley Mata, and Taylor Dizor.

About Lake Area Independent
Lake Area Independent Winterguard exists to foster positive experiences for all participating members by promoting educational clinics, creativity, and freedom of expression through unification of pageantry and performing arts. The non-profit, performing arts organization is based out of Lake Charles, LA and competes in the Louisiana-Mississippi Color Guard and Percussion Circuit. To keep up with Lake Area Independent and their upcoming season, visit their website at and follow them on social media @lakeareaindependent.