Kim Corney-Kuhn

Captions WGI Percussion Visual
Bio Kim (Corney) Kuhn has played various roles during her 24 year involvement in the pageantry arts. As a performer, designer, director, instructor and clinician, Kim has been involved with many groups making appearances in BOA, DCI, and WGI semi-finals and finals. Continuing to stay active in the activity, she works with multiple fall and winter programs as a writer and technician. Having served on the Board of Directors for the Michigan Color Guard Circuit for multiple years she continues to stay active on many committees with a strong focus on training and education for both young performers and directors. Kim is an active visual adjudicator for Drum Corps International (DCI), Bands of America (BOA), and Winter Guard International (WGI) as well as various fall marching band and winter guard circuits across the country. She enjoys getting to travel but also looks forward to spending time at home with her husband (Blair), dog (Lucy).

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