Daniel Niebauer

Captions WGI Colorguard Design Analysis, Colorguard General Effect
Bio Mr. Niebauer is currently a 30 plus year member of the New York Federation of Contest Judges as well as Caption Chief for the Ny-Penn Judging Division. He is also a charter member of the Ontario Drum Corps and Color Guard Judging Association. He has served as Visual Caption Chief for the NYFCJ, ODCA, and the New York Field Band Conference. Mr Niebauer currently adjudicates for WGI, DCI and the American Legion National Championship Contests. He has adjudicated for DCA, CSJA, ISSMA, NJA, CJA, Penn. Fed, & The American Legion National Championships and BOA, as well as guest judge for many State, Regional & Internatioinal Championships all over the World. He has personally designed, coordinated, consulted or directed over 300 Marching Bands, Drum Corps and Color Guards in the past 35 years. Staff Director for 13 years of: “The Qualifier’s Marching Band Camps.” His units have earned over 400 first place trophies or championships and he currently is the drill designer for 4 Marching Bands and teaches Drill Design Fundamentals for the Music Dept. at Mercyhurst College. Mr. Niebauer is still currently a clinician on Visual Design and Visual General Effect and has given numerous power point presentations throughout the nation and Europe. He has been a Band and Assistant Band Director for many local High Schools and he has taught at Edinboro State University as an Associate Professor in the Jewelry and Sculpture Department. He has taught at the High School level and College level for 20 plus years, and is presently the Vice President of Operations and co-owner of Ralph Miller Jewelers & Gallery, Jan & Dan’s Jewelry, Inc., and RMJ Restorations, Inc. Along with his wife Janice, both have earned a Master’s Degree in Jewelry and Metallry Design, and have their own line of “One of a Kind” Fine Jewelry Keepsakes called “Created Uniques,” which can be found at

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