Edwin Beens

Captions WGI Colorguard Design Analysis
Bio Edwin Beens, born on August 27th 1968 in The Netherlands, started his marching & music career at a very young age. He started as a drummer when he was 8 years old. Later he became drum major and the visual designer. After that he joined the staff of one of Holland's most successful drum corps of that time, Blue Wave that captured many visual awards. In the winter he joined the Art Development Winter Color Guard and won the Dutch title 3 times. Together with Art Development he travelled to the USA and performed twice at the Winter Guard International World Championships. After his teaching and marching career he started judging in 1996 for many Dutch organizations like Color Guard Netherlands (CGN). In 2000 Edwin became a judge for Winter Guard International. Since then Edwin has judged for many organizations in Europe, Asia, South Africa and North and South America. Edwin is the technical director and chief judge of Color Guard Netherlands since 1998 and because of his excellent work was inducted in the CGN Hall of Fame in 2011. Outside the judging world Edwin is a project manager for the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice, in the area of Continuous Improvement (Lean Six Sigma).

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