Chris Tomsa

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Bio Chris Tomsa The pageantry arts have been Chris' passion for 4 decades as a performer, instructor, arranger and adjudicator. Chris has instructed and arranged for many of the world's finest drum and bugle corps including The Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts, Glassmen, Colts, Mandarins, and the 27th Lancers, as well as arranging and composing for some of the activity's best competitive marching bands. In his years at Madison, he won 3 DCI high brass titles and the 1975 World Championships, mentoring under DCI Hall of Fame brass instructor James Elvord. He went on to become the Scout's Brass Caption Head and Music Coordinator, where he helped to develop some of the corps' most memorable and exciting programs. At the Glassmen, Chris was the brass arranger during a 15-year period that saw the corps rise from a 49 member corps to the top of the activity as a perennial DCI finalist. Chris had the unique opportunity to mentor under two legendary band and drum corps arrangers, Ray Baumgardt and Jim Ott. He put this experience to good use in the marching band activity for the last 20 plus years, having arranged music for some of the nation's top marching bands. In addition to composing and arranging, Chris has been an instructional and design consultant to many other drum corps and marching bands around the United States and Canada. Chris judges marching band and indoor pageantry competitions and is an adjudicator and contest administrator for WGI Sport of the Arts, as well as Judges Representative for the Mid East Performance Association. He is a Senior Consultant and Trainer for BenchmarkPortal, the global leader in call center benchmarking, certification, training and consulting. He studied music composition and education at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Case Western Reserve University, and at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and currently resides in Harrison Ohio with his wife Carla.

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