Join Mia Michaels Live!

This is the beginning of something very special…a unique passion project created from the ground up by three-time Emmy award winning choreographer and director Mia Michaels. It is a global online monthly subscription master class and mentoring series program created exclusively for dancers, choreographers, teachers, studio owners, artists and dance lovers. A one of a kind experience designed to not only give you insight into Mia’s world, but to simply and in raw form inspire, train and challenge you to reach your highest potential as an artist. Mia will help you unlock your inner unicorn as well as challenge you artistically and physically beyond your limits.
Having been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years and a master teacher worldwide, Mia was driven to create this direct online channel to connect artists worldwide not only for training, motivation, guidance and inspiration, but to also build and establish a unicorn community. 
Go on this journey and experience Mama Mia in full effect. She will see you inside.