Jenks Indoor Percussion Ensemble Show Announcement

From a Jenks Indoor Percussion Ensemble press release:
On July 16, 2021 the Jenks Naval Academy established an elite school for its top percussionists. Its purpose was to teach the art of rhythmic combat and to ensure that the handful of men and women who graduated were the best percussion aviators in the area.
They succeeded.

Today, the academy calls it Percussive Tactics School.
The flyers call it: TOP DRUM

Jenks Indoor Percussion Ensemble is proud to present their 2023 production DANGER ZONE.
Directors: Kenny Martin & Mark Stevenson
Assistance by: Sam Silverman, Noah Smith & Foster Maddox
Season Schedule:
WGI Virtual Prelims 2/18
WGPO Catoosa 2/25
WGI Dallas 3/25
WGPO Broken Arrow 4/8