Introducing Bluecoats Indoor

From a Bluecoats Press Release

The Bluecoats, a non-profit youth education organization based in Canton, Ohio, are proud to announce the founding of Bluecoats Indoor, an exciting and innovative new performing arts program operating primarily in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Bluecoats Indoorlaunching as a WGI Winterguard for the 2018 competitive season, will be under the direction of Bluecoats Executive Director David Glasgow.  Bluecoats Artistic Director Jon Vanderkolff, Choreographer Jim Moore, Choreographer Greg Lagola, and Choreographer Carol Abohatab will serve as the creative team for the program.  Christopher Drake will serve as Ensemble Administrator.

Glasgow is very excited to expand the scope of the Bluecoats organization’s programs.  “In recent years, our design team has successfully developed a very unique brand of entertainment focused on searching for what’s “next” in our activity.  We can’t wait to extend this design philosophy to a new creative outlet for the Bluecoats.”

Jon, Jim, Greg and Carol have successfully worked together on many projects over the past 20 years.  Most recently, the four of them served as the primary designers for the WGI World Champion Santa Clara Vanguard Winterguard from 2006-2016.  In addition, they serve as designers and choreographers for the Bluecoats, winning the DCI World Championship in 2016 with the popular production “Down Side Up.”  Jon and Jim were also longtime members of the creative team for the Tony and Emmy award-winning production Blast!

For more information about Bluecoats Indoor, please visit  Stay tune for more exciting details including audition dates & locations, additional staff announcements, and much more!


Q:  What is Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Bluecoats Indoor is a new performing arts program competing as a WGI Winterguard for the 2018 WGI competitive season.  Bluecoats Indoor will apply the organization’s unique and innovative design philosophy in an indoor performance setting.

Q:  Where and when will Bluecoats Indoor audition and rehearse?

A:  Bluecoats Indoor will primarily rehearse in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  We are in the process of finalizing facilities now, and will announce audition dates and locations in the weeks to come.

Q:  What WGI Class will Bluecoats Indoor compete in?

A:  We intend to participate in WGI World Class.

Q:  Who is eligible to perform in Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Men and women of any age are eligible to perform in Bluecoats Indoor.  Previous competitive Colorguard and/or Winterguard experience is strongly encouraged.

Q:  Who is on staff for Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  Leading this new program will be Bluecoats Artistic Director Jon Vanderkolff, Choreographer Jim Moore, Choreographer Greg Lagola, and Choreographer Carol Abohatab.  Additional staffing announcements will be made in the weeks to come.

Q:  How much will Bluecoats Indoor cost?

A:  The fee structure for Bluecoats Indoor will be announced prior to auditions.

Q:  Will the status of the Bluecoats’ Ohio-based Winterguard “Artistry IN BLUE” be affected as a result of the foundation of Bluecoats Indoor?

A:  No, “Artistry IN BLUE” will continue to operate as it has for many successful seasons.

Q:  Who can I contact with additional questions? 

A:  Contact us at, or 330-433-9115 x2.