Independence Open Winter Guard Presents “Annabel Lee”

Independence Open Winter Guard 2019 is proud to present “Annabel Lee.” Featuring music by Punch Brothers, Independence Open takes you on a journey of exploration and reflection. Much like Columbus sailing the oceans, the exploration evokes the pain and darkness of lost love, supported by the singers’ dreamlike and haunting vocals. The dream of returning to Annabel Lee taps into our feelings of loss and nostalgia, as her memory consumes the lovers’ whole world.

2019 Staff: Chuck Cummings (Executive Director), Gerry Manuel (Assistant Director), Kristen Spathis-Monk, Tiffany Johnson, Dan Rancourt, Arielle Zemaitis, Jackie Wall, Andy Mroczek, Ryan O’Dell, Alex Perez, Megan McHugh, Joshua Deguzman.
Costumes : A Wish Come True

Independence Open Winter Guard is a member of the Midwest Color Guard Circuit and will also perform at the WGI Chicago Regional, the WGI Mid East Power Regional and WGI World Championships.