Homestead HS Winter Percussion Presents “The Space Between”

Color. Light. Form.
Millions of tiny paint strokes.
The viewer’s eye….
and the space between.

For its 10th season as a World Class winter percussion ensemble, Homestead Percussion (Cupertino, CA) examines Georges Seurat‘s masterpiece, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”–the groundbreaking pointillist painting composed of countless individual dots of color.

THE SPACE BETWEEN is a journey through the painting from micro to macro, going from the sparkling atomic world among the dots themselves, to the people and objects Seurat strove to preserve in perfect harmony, ending in the space between us viewers and the work of art itself. What crosses that space between us and Sunday, and what stays suspended there? As a recognizable part of pop culture, from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” to “Sunday in the Park with George,” the audience will latch onto the iconic imagery, brought to life not just by costume and set, but also by a wall of televisions–allowing us to create a to-scale replica of the monumental painting, and to create a window into its inner life.

The music book by Dave Sankus brings the staccato rhythmic approach of Pointillism to life with a wide range of source material–from french composer Erik Satie, to minimalist Steve Reich, to DJ Porter Robinson. The 44 members of the Homestead Percussion Ensemble invite you to come see the show–their most ambitious production to date!

Catch Homestead at any of the following events:

  • Feb 9, CCGC | San Jose, CA
  • Feb 23-24, WGI Regional | Temecula, CA
  • Mar 9, NCPA | Union City, CA
  • Mar 16, NCPA | San Jose, CA
  • Mar 30, NCPA Championships | Stockton, CA
  • Apr 6, SCPA Championships | Ontario, Canada
  • Apr 11-13, WGI Percussion World Championships | Dayton, Ohio