Hit Like A Girl Names The Champions And Winners of the 2018 Contest

Nearly 40 of the world’s top amateur drummers, percussionists and producers have been selected as the Champions and Winners of the 2018 Hit Like A Girl global contest for female drummers. These exceptional players represent a wide diversity of countries, ages and musical genres. The Hit Like A Girl contestants were judged by a group of award-winning professionals and will receive nearly $40,000 in prizes contributed by many of the world’s leading drum and percussion companies. To watch the 2018 Hit Like A Girl Awards Show, view all the contestant videos and learn more about the contest, judges, sponsors and prizes, please visit the Hit Like A Girl Contest website at www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com.

Here is the complete list of the 2018 Hit Like A Girl Contest winners:

Drumset <18

1st Yuki Ogawa
2nd Minji Kim
3rd Roni Kaspi
popular Jamie-Leigh Schultz

Drumset 18+

1st Calsey Tory
2nd Lada Obradovic
3rd Shiri Burstein
popular Sarra Cardile


<18 Sammy Gonzalez
18+ Nasrine Rahmani


<18 Ava Machado
18+ Anna Layza de Souza
18+ Sarah Haag


<18 Kalonica Nicx
<18 Kalyse Lee Conger
18+ Amanda Muse


<18 Kate Kuziakina
18+ Shiri Burstein
<18 Mana Fukuda
18+ Ophelie Luminati
<18 Roni Kaspi
18+ Celine Le Vu
<18 AP Tobler
18+ Sherry Gan
<18 Yuki Ogawa
18+ Lada Obradovic
<18 Yoyoka Soma
18+ Audrey Stinson


1st Muzikal Dunk
2nd Marcella Fruehan
3rd Jamie Billings
Roli Georgia Atkinson


Joe Hibbs Clare Martyn
MI Payton Taylor
MI Jamie-Leigh Schultz
SOR Katie Ream
PASIC Calsey Tory
Gearfest Danielle Aslett
TDWR Clare Martyn
TDWR Diane Hirakawa
TDWR Libby Scott & Dee Bradbery


China Child #705 Eva Lang
China Teen #486 Hannah Piao
China Adult #470 Yutong Chen
UK <18 Louise Honeyman
UK18+ Lenka Dundrova
France <18 Jeanne McWilliam
France 18+ Ophelie Luminati
Mexico <18 Zoe Larios
Mexico 18+ Claudia “La Wuera” Zurita

The Hit Like A Girl™ global contest for female drummers was founded in 2012 by David Levine, Phil Hood and Mindy Abovitz Monk. Now in its 7th year, the Hit Like A Girl Contest has had more than 3,000 participants from 50 countries and has received more than 75,000,000 online impressions. Sponsors include many of today’s leading drum, percussion, electronics, accessory and media companies while judges have included many of today’s most popular, influential and respected professionals.