Heritage Varsity Winter Guard Show Announcement

Heritage Varsity Winter Guard Show Announcement

From a Heritage Varsity Winter Guard Press Release:

There in the dark, lying on the ground the most elegant invitation ever found.

The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by Their Majesties above to invite the Salamanders to a once-in-a-lifetime Waltz with their beloved. As guests at this delightful soirée, you will take part in the most coveted ball of the day.

The words she couldn’t resist, she just had to follow, for there in the mist, she heeded the call, to what she now knew – the Salamander Ball.

When she reached the clearing she heard a voice say, “The Waltz is starting, follow this way.”

The Salamanders moved across the forest floor in pack after pack. There were so many dancers she almost lost track.

They whizzed and whirled onward throughout the dark night. She fought off sleep with all of her might.

Time passed quickly and her eyes grew weary. She spun into bed still feeling cheery. 

Her mind meandered falling deep into sleep with the Waltz of the Salamanders still moving her heartbeat.