Future Independent Winterguard Show Announcement

From a Future Independent press release:

The intricate history of this beautiful antique violin was traced from its creation in Cremona, Italy, in 1681, where a legendary violin maker painted it with his dead wife’s blood to keep her memory alive, to an auction house in modern-day Montreal, where it draws the eye of an expert appraiser. Over time, the violin travels through four different countries, where it has a profound impact on all those who own it.

Using the rich history of the violin and the many storylines that come with this amazing story. The Design team of Future Independent explores the realm of  the many possibilities of what could happen. Our production of the Red Violin is a modern take on an old story. We explore how to represent this dynamic challenge with representation of modern day culture.

Future Independent picks up at a New York auction house where many new characters appear for their chance to own the rarest violin in the world. Our production takes you through the intense battle of obsession, infatuation and aggression to do whatever it takes to own it. Many show up for their small and slim chance to win the violin, each with their own perspectives of tragedies and relationships for this violin. The perfect tuning and construction of this instrument yields so much power and influence over its subjects and will leave you wondering “Who wins it?”
Future Independent Winterguard is led by the Design team of Brittany Roberts, Gerran Molina, Deontahvius Ford, Robert Jordan, Chasity Ellis, Alexas Ellis, Art Kilcrist  and Mike Bishop. Educational Team of Rodrick Howell, Kaylee Hollingsworth, Jessica Fielder, and Kaleigh Tillotson. Then finally, the Board of Directors  Evan Williams, Ricardo Robison-Shinall, Sarah Thames and Martell Pearson.
Future Independent Winterguard is a member of the Mississippi Indoor Association and will appear at the WGI Gulfport, WGI Dallas, and WGI World Championships events.