Fusion World Show Announcement

Fusion World Show Announcement

From a Fusion World Press Release:

Clifton, New Jersey —  Fusion World is proud to announce their 2023 program entitled, “The Beat”, a multi-act performance that explores a variety of eclectic musical themes intended to energize, invigorate and excite our audiences. 

Fusion World is under the direction of Rob Watson and the Artistic Director is Jon Vanderkolff.  Staff includes Greg Lagola, Jim Moore, Jaclyn Walsh, Rodney Thomas, Timothy McLaughlin, Carlos Diaz, Aaron Startzman, Jacqueline Yurkin, Samia Mooney, Carol Abohatab and Josh Hinkel. 

2023 celebrates Fusion’s 3rd World Class Season, 6th in competition and we’re excited to be back on the floor with all our friends in the community.  Fusion World was a 2022 WGI Top 10 World Class finalist, and this season, the cast will be performing at the WGI Salem Regional, WGI Bethlehem Regional, WGI Philadelphia Regional, WGI World Championships in addition to shows in both the Mid-Atlantic Indoor Network (MAIN) and Musical Arts Conference (MAC) circuits.  A full season schedule is available on Fusion’s website:  www.fusionwg.org/events

Costume Sponsor:  ColorGarb

Floor & Flag Sponsor:  Digital Performance Gear

Our generous supporters include Slack®, St. Anthony’s of Padua, Nitro Graphics, ShopRite®, Amazon®, Tim McLaughlin Branding & Design, and The Watson Foundation.  For more information on Fusion Winter Guard’s 2023 season, visit www.fusionwg.org