Freedom HS Winter Guard Presents “Ghost Town”

Inspired by old western classic films, the 18 ladies and gentlemen of the Freedom High School Winter Guard (Tampa, FL) will explore what it means to be lost and left behind in an old western ghost town. The legendary Johnny Cash serves as musical inspiration, as well as Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” The performers will travel through an emotional journey, encountering gunslingers, preying hawks and the blistering hot sun in search of any sign of civilization.

The program utilizes a rustic sand dusted floor to create the atmosphere of an abandoned western town and white silks to represent the ghostly occupants who still roam its lonely streets. The remains of wood are a common theme as the town withers away through the passing time. As performers search for help, they leave us with the question: “Will I be found, or will I be lost to the ghost town?”

Keep an eye out for the Freedom High School Winter Guard as they attend WGI’s 2019 Tampa Regional, Southeast Power Regional (Orlando), and the WGI Color Guard World Championships (Dayton, OH).  Freedom High School Winter Guard is under the direction of Jessie Rivers. Designers, choreographers and staff include David Hanseter, Katie Leonard, Angel Mateo, Trinity Foster, Sydney Olinger, and Paige Millirons.