WGI Event Staff Application

WGI Event staff application

WGI event staff includes, but is not limited to, announcers, contest administrators , site managers, and tabulators.

Minimum requirements for application:
• 1-3 years active circuit-level experience in the applicable role.
• 1-3 years volunteering at WGI World Championships and/or regional events.
• Open availability to work throughout the WGI season.
• Knowledge of WGI’s rules, systems, and/or processes as related to the role.
• Strong to moderate computer skills. Experience with CompetitionSuite is a plus.

Applicants are required to submit:
1. Resume
2. Cover letter
3. Two (2) letters of recommendation from a WGI affiliate:
   • WGI Board of Directors member
   • WGI Steering Committee member
   • WGI Advisory Board member
   • WGI Event Staff (announcer, contest administrator, site manager, tabulator, etc.)
   • WGI Judge
   • WGI Circuit Partner leadership (board member or staff)

Letters of recommendation should attest to problem solving ability, interpersonal skills, professionalism, and performance in the applicable role.

Space is limited based on current need, turnover of staff, and the desire to maintain a quality experience at events. Due to the volume of applications received and limited space, applicants who meet the minimum requirements for application may not be selected.

After a thorough screening process, WGI will contact the applicant to let them know if they have been accepted into a training role. If accepted into a training role, the applicant will be given an opportunity to shadow the position during the regional season.


Application form will open on May 1 and close on July 1.

Accepted applicants will be notified by October 1.


Click here to access the Event Staff Application.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Noble at julie@wgi.org or call 937-247-5919 ext. 309.