Étude Winter Guard Presents “the Bloom May Be Brief”

Étude Winter Guard announces their 2019 program, “The Bloom May Be Brief.”

Étude is under the direction of Brian Winn and Emma Boyc, with show design, staging and costuming by Byron Valentine; audio engineering by Andrew Markworth, featuring the works of Arturo Cardelús and Léo Delibes.

Choreography, technical and support staff include Brian Winn, Emma Boyce, Jed Garvey, Melissa Davis, Ahmez Nash, Justin McDougal, Amanda D’Aloisio, Darren Mickens, Derek Vereen, Will Archie, Elise Archie, Dorreen Gaudian and Fritz Gaudian.

Étude Winter Guard was a 2018 WGI Independent World Class Finalist. In 2019, they celebrate their fifteenth year of competition, with their cast performing locally in the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association (CWEA), as well as nationally at the Knoxville and Atlanta WGI Regionals and the Mid-Atlantic Power Regional in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their season will culminate at the 2019 WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

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