eNVision presents, Chairish Life

From an eNVision press release:


eNVision presents:

In addition to WGI Championships, eNVision will compete in NNIA, NCPA, ADLA Las Vegas, and WGI San Bernardino. eNVision is under the direction of Aaron Hines and the staff includes: Dave Glyde, Dave Marvin, Kathy Marvin, Preston Howard, Dan Bryan, Shealley Gumiran, Erica Wyatt, Blair Williams, Michael Ortega, Jonathan Lee, Kevin Wilfon, William Winston, Trevor Bailey, Chris Chang, Kimberly Hines, Daniel Miller, Jasmine Bera, Camie Cragg-Lyman, Jeremy Strawn, and Jim Bailey.

Visit www.eNVisionArts.org for more information.