Downingtown Area School District Indoor Percussion Ensemble Presents “The Other Side”

The grass looks so green from afar. As we live our life of familiarity and mechanical routine, we look to the distance and wonder what we are missing by staying where we are. Our curiosity beckons us to ask, is the grass greener…on the other side?

2019 Musical Selections

  • “A Voyage Through Rush Hour” by The Tangent
  • “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane
  • “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  • “Hello” by Adele
    2019 Cast Members

    Krishna Amin, Lucas Andress, Soren Basol, Nicholas Bongiorno, Ethan Bruce, Jeffrey Canfield, Francesca Chindemi, Emma Delaney, Patrick Develin, Jared Garthwait, Elaina Geiger, Josh Gudesblat, Noah Haggerty, Caitlyn Haney, Elliott Johnson, Meredith Kearney, Jackson Kitchen, Kelly Lawrie, Kenny Liang, Jocelyne Ma, Charlotte Marks, Brenden Mascherino, Aidan Mento, Stormi Miller, Erin Murray, Liam Naughton, Kristina Nelson, Raymond Pirollo, Olivia Posey, Reese Provost, Nathan Robino, Baylee Ruth, Robbie Swarter, Jack Tuori, Jenna Weinman

    2019 Instructional Staff

  • Ensemble Director: Sean Moran
  • Band Directors: Andrew German, Ed Otto
  • Musical Arrangements: Jesse Valencia, Dan Richardson
  • Drill Design: James Gow
  • Visual Coordinator: Tyler Propfe
  • Battery Staff: Chris McAllister, John Panza, Maryann Ricciuti, Sean Rode, Jimmy Toohey, Morgan Walker, Justin Welker
  • Front Ensemble Staff: Jesse Valencia, Sal Azzara, Richard Barron, Sean McWilliams