Daviess County Announces 2018 Show

From a Daviess County HS Press Release

We live in a world where one in four women and one in six men will be assaulted in their lifetime; where ninety-one percent of sexual assaults are not reported to the police and eighty-five percent know their perpetrator. This past year gave rise to the silence breakers, those that inspired movements such as #metoo and Times Up. These brave women and men set a precedent within our society, created a dialogue for those struggling to find their voice, and started a global conversation. It is with that resolve in mind, the Daviess County High School Varsity Guard presents our 2018 production “End of the Line.”

Our production journeys through the toxicity in a relationship between two individuals. Looking at the intricacies of each individual, as they realize they have reached the end of their relationship with each other. These young performers will captivate you with a stunning show design by David Baker and Michael O’Neil. The staff includes Gabrielle Vita, Karen Alward, and Noelle Grooms. Daviess County invites you view their performance at the WGI Nashville Regional, WGI Mid East Power Regional, and WGI World Championships so we can all start taking the power back in our lives.