DA-GE Midseason Conference Call Recap

Commentary so far this season:

  • Very positive information and clearly in the captions
  • Mostly encouraging and positive – find those ways to give points!
  • I am impressed and honored to be part of this great community
  • Everyone should have received feedback at least one time from me so far

Some specifics:

  • Geek out!  We are here because we love winter guard
  • Speak equally to performer side of the sheet
  • Life experiences – bring yourself to the caption and be a critic – say something no one else could say


  • Name the effect
  • Qualitative words – help us all know where the score will be
  • Balance commentary to performers


  • Developments and details – keep emphasizing completeness and unity
  • Excellence including dynamics – give the performers as many points as possible


  • Spend time on this key part of our process (impression, analysis, comparison)
  • In general, feel and react while the guard is on the floor – analyze and compare later
  • As our judging task is both an art and a science, lean more into the art side and respond to the performers while they are on the floor

Be the critic, be candid, and be clear

  • Say what you need to say
  • Speak more candidly and tell them something they need to hear or don’t know
  • Now is the time for tough decisions and clear reasons – wrap ups need to help them