Merch Clearance/Closeout Sale

As we near the end of the calendar year, we are prepping our Pepwear merchandise for the 2019 WGI season. So, what does that mean? Sale! Sale! Sale! Visit the WGI shop through the link below to save up to and over 50 percent on select items!

Save now on the…

  • 2018 WGI Tour Tee
  • WGI Holiday Long Sleeve Tee
  • WGI Black W/Pink Sport of the Arts Hoodie
  • WGI Drumline Block Tee
  • WGI Performance Hoodie
  • Official WGI 1/4 Zip Jacket
  • WGI Neon Hoodie
  • WGI “Retro” Lanyard
  • WGI 40th Anniversary Tee
  • WGI Teal Polo
  • WGI ’77 Heather Navy Tee


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