Catalyst Percussion Presents “Breaks Us”

From a CATALYST Percussion Press Release.

Show Name: Breaks Us

Description: What if we can go higher? What happens when we access something greater than we know? What structures would we cling to in? CATALYST 2020 explores a moment of transcendence, as two dimensional beings discover a third: the exploration, the ecstasy, the addiction, and complete ascendance. Upon discovery of a new plane of being, curiosity and the opportunity for new beauty possesses them immediately, exploring their newfound space and abilities. After this period of expansion and education, they are left by it all unsatisfied, and in the thirst for more, they lose themselves in this new reality, becoming hopelessly addicted, clawing at the very fabric of this space, perverting the idea of beauty for any chance of getting higher and higher;This “Breaks Us”.

The show was composed by Program Coordinator and Composer Harry Arlo Hutchins and features unique drill and choreography from designers Andy Snow and Kelly Ross. Harry had this much to say about the soundscape. “I wanted to develop a certain ‘color palette’ to explore and developing simple ideas that could be used as the main motifs for the show; to develop a sound of innocence and naivety.” When asked about what to expect when watching the show he replied ” Watch it without and preconceptions. Just watch it with an open mind and reflect afterwards. It’s not really comparable to most productions due to the minimalistic nature of the production.”


Brian Vicente – Founder, Executive Director
Harry Hutchins – Percussion Caption Head
Rebecca Pasillas – Front Ensemble Caption Head
Michael Schlotter – Visual Caption Head
Colin Broadwater – Battery Coordinator
Josh Lindsey – Movement Ensemble Specialist
Adam Kuns – Snare Instructor
Bonnie Guo – Bass Drum Instructor
Brady Biard – Bass Drum Instructor
James Chavez – Front Ensemble Instructor
Phil Rose – Front Ensemble Instructor
Jacob Parcell – Rhythm Section consultant
Stefania Castaneda – Administrative Support
Lily Hutchins – Administrative Support
Rudy Viano – Logistics and Transportation
Josh Hall – Consultant at Large

Competition Schedule:

? ? ? ?  – secret preview show (follow us on IG @catalystpercussion for hints)
3/01/20 – Rancho Cucamonga HS (SCPA)
3/08/20 – Temescal Canyon HS (SCPA)
3/20/20 – Great Oak HS (SCPA)
3/23/20 – West Power Regional (WGI)
4/05/20 – Pre Elims (SCPA)