Black Gold “A” Announces 2017 Show

From a Black Gold Independent “A” Winterguard Press Release

As the Black Gold Organization enters its 24th year of existence, directors Roman Montoya and Chance Livar decided it was time to add another branch to their ever growing golden family.  They are proud to present to you the Black Gold Independent “A” Winterguard.  

This year, Black Gold “A” will present their show entitled “A Golden Sunday”.  With the guidance of Sal Salas, they hope to put together a program that will leave viewers with the impression of bringing to life a glorious Sunday in the park. The “A” staff includes Oscar Martinez, Stefan Newman, Nathan Ascano, Sergeo Rodriguez, Walter Jackson, Drew Plott, Trevor Duke, Gisselle Garcia, Christina Treffer, Cassidy Heath, Kara Mangum, Sandra Wills, and Justin Good. 

Black Gold “A” will perform locally as part of the North Texas Color Guard Association and nationally at the WGI Houston Regional, WGI Dallas Regional, WGI San Antonio Regional, WGI Southwestern Power Regional, WGI Western Power Regional and finally finishing their season at the WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH.