Be the first to get the 2013 WGI Videos

Be the first to get the 2013 WGI Videos


Do yourself a favor and pre-order your 2013 WGI World Championships videos today! The benefits of pre-ordering will put your mind at ease, and make your Sport of the Arts video collection complete!

1.     Guarantee that you get an original copy of this professionally edited, limited edition collector’s keepsake! It’s no secret that when we’re out of the first run of these DVDs, the cover is never the same.

2.     Watch the live cut edited previews of the Finals performances online within 24 hours of your purchase. Surely this will soothe your curiosity while your DVDs are being produced.

3.     Additional angles are offered to you via the WGI Fan Network. Now you can watch your favorite performances from different seats in the UD Arena. The “high camera” and “floor camera” views will be posted as video on demand for ALL color guard classes, and the “high camera” view will be posted for ALL percussion classes. Video purchasers will gain access to viewing this content via the WGI FAN NETWORK. If the customer is not already a Fan Network customer, they will be assigned a log-in which will allow them access to view specific content.

4.     Recorded in high definition, you’ll see more detail than ever before. DVDs look sharper than in the past, and downloads are the real high def deal.

Now you just have to decide between the DVD and the download:

2013 Single Class HD Download Bundle 

If you’ve already been downloading your favorite shows to play on your mobile devices, take the plunge and load up your hard drive to start a WGI Performance Library full of 2013 finals performances in High Definition! Pre-Order Now!

* $49.95 per class
* Delivery will be before May 31st

Percussion Independent World – includes all finalists

Percussion Scholastic World – includes all finalists

Percussion Independent Open  – includes all finalists

Percussion Scholastic Open  – includes all finalists

Percussion Independent A – includes all finalists

Percussion Scholastic A – includes all finalists

Percussion Scholastic Concert World  & Open – includes all finalists


2013 DVD Volumes

Your shelves already hold all the historical WGI DVDs in chronological order. Keep the trend alive! Pre-Order Now!

* $59.95 each volume + shipping 
* Delivery in early July

Volume 5             Percussion Independent World

Volume 6             Percussion Scholastic World

Volume 7             Percussion Independent Open & Scholastic Open

Volume 8             Percussion Scholastic A & Independent A

Buy the Marching Percussion Bundle (Volumes 5-8) and get FREE Shipping

Volume 9             Percussion Scholastic Concert World & Open